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In The Boudoir...

Romance is in the air around this time of year as Valentine’s Day sets the mood and exudes energy full of love and passion. I love the thoughtfulness that goes behind the verbal affirmations and gift exchanges to simply remind your lover that they still capture your heart. The roses, the chocolates, the serenades, basically, I’m here for it all.

Some of my favorite styled shoots are in boudoir, where elegance meets sexy in the bedroom. The shoots can be simply for yourself or for your lover. I love seeing the transformations where clients are empowered, feel beautiful and look amazing. Victoria’s Secret’ models, watch out!

This shoot features Florence in the boudoir and the photography by the fantastic Brittany McLaren of Sunshine+Rosé. The vision was a modern take on the 60’s in the boudoir.

Au revoir chéri.

Karla NoveloComment