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Eternal Love ~ Gigi & Vuthna

In the sunny month of June, we were honored to do the makeup and hair for our beautiful bride Gigi. The bride Gigi and her bridal party were one of the sweetest we have gotten the chance to work with. We received photos from her wedding and can't wait to show them off! 

Take a look below:


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Love Notes

Thank You notes are our favorites!! 
We feel honored to be a part of such a special day in someone's life. These are the reminders to appreciate the little things in life and truly love what you do. 
Thank you Gigi!

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BayFashion Magazine Shoot for Fairmont

BayFashion Photoshoot feautring Jin Wang

Shot by Tim Engle at The Fairmont: San Francisco

MUA- Karla Emm of J'Adore Beauty


Here's a snapshot of the recent shoot we had with BayFashion Magazine...The Fairmont has such a gorgeous view of San Francisco! Stay tuned for the official shots that are to be published in BayFashion's Wedding Edition Magazine coming out soon!

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What to expect from your Makeup Artist and Hairstylist

Over time, we have come to meet tons of people who have been in all types of situations with the artists that they hire for hair and makeup services... We have heard amazing stories and some... ehhh not so nice. 

Its important to choose an artist that can fit your dreams! One that can fulfill your vision and desired look because feeling gorgeous and glamourous is priceless. Be sure to have open and fluid communication with your artist, so that they can accomodate to YOU.. not the other way around!

Here's a list of some things to expect from your artist!


  • A "look" you love
  • Beautiful, timeless makeup
  • Long-lasting, impeccable hair
  • On-time for services
  • Work in a timely fashion
  • Open to communication and feedback
  • Great customer service
  • Clean, CLEAN brushes and tools
  • Quality products 
  • Prepared with necessary tools
  • Professional but fun attitudes


Getting dolled up should be fun experience... sometimes unevitable things come up during the day but your artist should help the day run smoother all together! Not be the cause for more stress. Be stress-free!

We pride ourselves in being able to provide services in an industry we love and we hard work daily to meet your wants and needs. We always try to show as much love, patience and professionalism as possible!



The J'Adore Beauty Team


Below is a photo of Karla Emm working on the previous Editor-in-Chief of Votive Magazine.

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